Hannah’s Journey

What could bring an Amish widow and a wealthy circus owner together? Though Hannah Goodloe knew she’d violated countless unwritten laws, she had to visit the only man who could help find her runaway son. But when the enigmatic Levi Harmon agreed to take her on his train, the results were utterly unpredictable. Levi never expected to find the embodiment of all he wanted in a woman in the soft-spoken, plainly dressed Hannah. And for Hannah, to love an outsider was to be shunned. The simple pleasures of family, faith and place to belong seemed an impossible dream. Unless Levi unlocked his past and opened his heart to God’s plan.


HANNAH’S JOURNEY by Anna Schmidt: Sarasota, Fla., 1928: Hannah Goodloe is worried sick that her son Caleb has run off with the circus. She asks owner Levi Harmon to help her get him back. Levi doesn’t have time to track down the Amish woman’s son, but once he looks into her eyes he realizes he has no other choice. Hannah and Levi, along with her father-in-law and stepsister, travel by train to reach the next stop on the circus schedule to bring the runaway home. Hannah feels uncomfortable with all the English ways of doing things, but keeps her focus on finding her son. Levi has his own reasons for agreeing to help. He was raised Amish, but has not practiced the faith for a long time. They have more in common than they think. Will Levi embrace his roots? Can Hannah look past the English ways and find happiness? Schmidt’s story lets readers into the Amish world and teaches how they live and love.

~ Patsy Glans RT Reviews

Hopefully her first of many Amish stories!

July 17, 2011

This is a darling story but certainly a little off the normal Amish story line.

Great Story! July 11, 2011

This is a wonderful story. I have started reading Amish Fiction and this was #16. I love how the characters grow and that the unexpected does pop up. I hope to see another Hannah book coming soon.

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