12 Little Known Facts About Me:

  1. Once acted on an off-Broadway stage.
  2. Was a professional costume designer for theaters in Virginia and Wisconsin.
  3. Wrote a screenplay as a lark and ended up a quarter finalist in a national contest.
  4. Once owned a maternity shop where I designed and made all the clothes.
  5. Love love love LIVE theater.
  6. Make myself a smoothie every morning with coffee/chocolate milk/protein powder and ice.
  7. Need people/music/activity around me when I write.
  8. Huge NCAA basketball fan.
  9. Walk everywhere I can.
  10. Never learned to swim but love living close to water: Gulf of Mexico in FL and Lake Michigan in WI.
  11. Need to travel more…Scotland; the Maritime Provinces; Sweden are on the list.
  12. Ended up in the ER after collecting shell pictured below:
sea shell
Jo Horne

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