Second Chance Proposal by Anna Schmidt

December, 2016

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Second Chance Proposal

Homecoming Reunion

John Amman left his Amish community and sweetheart Lydia Goodloe to make his fortune in the outside world, while Lydia stayed behind to devote herself to teaching. She can accept spinsterhood, and even face the closure of her beloved school. But John’s return after eight years tests her faith anew. Lydia hasn’t forgotten a single thing about John Amman — including the way he broke her heart. John risked becoming an outcast to give Lydia everything she deserved. He couldn’t see that what she really wanted was a simple life — with him. Lydia is no longer the girl he knew. Now she’s the woman who can help him reclaim their long-ago dream of home and family…if he can only win her trust once more.


SECOND CHANCE PROPOSAL by Anna Schmidt: John Amman returns home to Celery Fields, Fla., after failing to make his fortune in the English world. Once he is forgiven and no longer shunned, he seeks to once again court Lydia Goodloe. Before he left, Lydia expected to marry him, but she gave up on that dream when he moved away and she never heard a word from him. Now Lydia must decide if she wants to give John another chance to prove his love for her. This next in the Amish Brides of Celery Fields is a poignant story of two people who must once again get to know each other’s thoughts and dreams so they can embrace their love.

~ Susan Mobley RT Reviews

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