The Outlaw by Anna Schmidt

Book 3 Last Chance Cowboys
Sourcebooks Casablanca
July, 2017

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The Outlaw

“‘Someone like me?’ Is that how you see me, Amanda? As someone people should fear?”
“I don’t know what to think,” she said. “One minute you seem so dangerous, and the next you’re sweet and caring and…”
He took a step closer, his eyes sweeping her face. “And which do you want me to be?” His voice was low; it sent shivers down her spine.
“Both,” she whispered, and lifted her face for a kiss.

Amanda Porterfield longs to experience real adventure. So when she’s offered a position in bustling Tucson, she leaps at the chance despite unknown dangers ― dangers like the mysterious Seth Grover.

As an undercover detective working to stop a gang of outlaws, Seth can’t afford the distractions a woman like Amanda inspires. Yet when the fiercely intelligent beauty is thrust into the middle of a heist gone wrong, Seth will fight for a future that may never be theirs…even if it means risking everything he holds dear.


A warm, satisfying, gently sexy Western historical romance.

~ Kirkus

With its lovingly crafted narrative, spirited heroine, dark hero and realistic backdrop, readers will truly enjoy the third of Schmidt’s Last Chance Cowboys series.

~ RT Book Reviews

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