A Strangers Gift

Book 1 of Women of Pinecraft

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A Stranger’s Gift

Hester Detlef’s goal is to help as many people as possible before the coming hurricane, also named Hester, makes it to their area. She never slows down, believing it is her duty to save people, without regard to her own needs. John Hafner has come to this little hamlet to start over after his own Amish community shunned him. He does not know which Hester is more of a bother, the woman or the hurricane, and tries to not let either get to him. Can a shunned man realize he is entitled to a second chance with a woman who only wants the best for him?


A new series about Mennonite and Amish cultures with memorable characters who just want to help people. Schmidt is a wonderful storyteller. She invites readers into a world few outsiders get the chance to experience.

~ Patsy Glans RT Reviews

What an entertaining read! Hester Detweiler is a Mennonite and has embraced the faith of giving. She is no longer young, 33, and is giving her life to helping others. Her Dad, Arlen, is a Pastor at their church, and a woodworker. He has brought Samuel into his business, also as a prospective husband for Hester.

They live in Pinecrest Fl, in an Amish/Mennonite Community, and Hester is working with the MCC. As the story opens their is a devastation Hurricane…Hester…on its way with a direct hit of their area.

There is a banned Amishman, living a secluded life nearby. Hester is sent to see if she can get John Steiner to leave.

This is a story of forgiveness, and rebuilding, and following God’s Will.

A very enjoyable read!

~ Maureen – Amazon.com

A beautifully written story of the plain people in the Pinecraft/Sarasota area and how they all join hands, regardless of church affiliation to help each other and their neighbours during and after a hurricane. Anna Schmidt cleverly uses words to draw you into each of the characters lives. I feel as if i have seen the aftermath of disaster, and understand in part the workings of the different organizations that lend helping hands. I felt the frustration of people flocking to the area to help in the first few hours, then leaving them to struggle on alone. I chuckled as Hester tangled horns with Olive (aptly named) and wept with Rosalyn in her disappointments.

Anna is a very skilled author and I am looking forward to her next book in the Women of Pinecraft series which is due out in May 2012. I am happy to hear that it continues the story of two of Hester’s best friends, but felt that this story ended well in that it did not leave the reader hanging…wondering what happened next. I thoroughly enjoyed this novel, and would recommend this to any one who love reading about the plain people. This is not a story about the Amish.

~ Marianne – Amazon.com

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