the Women Of Pinecraft Trilogy by Anna Schmidt

Three Mennonite Romances

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The Women of Pinecraft

Three Mennonite women wrestle with the traditions of their faith while facing some of life’s greatest tragedies. Hester witnesses the destruction of a hurricane. Emma’s family is torn apart by a tragic accident. Rachel must make a new start as a widowed mother. When faith and love seem to fail them, will the community of Pinecraft come together to help them through the challenges?

Includes: A Stranger’s Gift, A Sister’s Forgiveness, A Mother’s Promise


Anna Schmidt takes us back to Pinecraft, Fl and her Women of Pinecraft series with this compelling novel set in this Mennonite community. It’s a story about love of family, dealing with death and anger and finding forgiveness. It’s about learning to seek forgiveness from others and to give forgiveness. Your heart will be blessed by this story.

~ Viki Ferrell – Fresh Fiction

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