Night Came with Many Stars by Simon Van Booy is a novel about family and survival and finding one’s way in a chaotic world. As a writer I was fascinated when I realized a chapter titled with a character’s name did not necessarily mean the reader would be in that character’s head or point of view. Instead it meant this was about that character, maybe as seen through the minds of other characters. For me, it was a new way of looking at telling a story through multiple points of view.


  • …a stained-glass window, shattered. It is a series of vignettes — of moments lifted whole and raw from the lives of a Kentucky family, generations deep — and not pieced together but curated. Each on display. Each its own and complete, but part of a greater whole. NPR Review by Jason Sheehan
  • This well-crafted and often serendipitous saga recognizes that family cannot be escaped but can be expanded. Kirkus Review
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