THE NIX by Nathan Hill

Review of THE NIX:

“Hill is such a gifted and tenderhearted storyteller that “The Nix” doesn’t need these postmodern digressions and gimmicks….. Then again, if his primary aim was to represent, in all its tragicomic contradictions, the devolution of a country that could conceivably elect Donald J. Trump as its next president, perhaps chaotic, surrealist excess was the only choice to make in this supersize and audacious novel of American misadventure.”—NY TIMES REVIEW

Reviews of Hill’s latest novel, WELLNESS:

“Hill blends a family chronicle with cultural critique in his expansive and surprisingly tender latest . . . This stunning novel of ideas never loses sight of its humanity.”—PUBLISHERS WEEKLY

“Warmhearted . . . A bittersweet novel of love gained, lost, and regained over the course of decades.”—KIRKUS REVIEWS

Jo’s Review?

Jo’s Notes: I read the debut novel when it first came out several years ago. I rarely reread anything (so many books—so little time) but decided to take another look at this when it was selected by my book club. I have not regretted the decision, and look forward to reading his newest work.